Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 43, Sun Jan 17 at 8pm

Painted on a Apple iPad Pro/Pencil with Sketchbook Pro.

This is the first time I have used the iPad and Sketchbook Pro. So far I am finding the pencil performs very well with little to no stroke lag, even on large “retina” images and brushes. When using larger brushes, the lack of a on-screen indicator of brush size makes painting more difficult than with a Wacom device.

I like having reference on-screen while drawing and painting.  Multitasking on ios 9 is new but somewhat limited. Spit view offer two panes that can be 50/50  or 70/30 shared in size. the smaller view can only by the right pane. Split view does work well  for me as i am right handed and the reference image is in the right pane.

Pip (floating window) only supports video. I used photoshop to convert several ref images to a video format, That worked much better for screen economy but is limited in size and placement.

System performance seemed unaffected by the extra windows.

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