Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Art tool showdown Part 2:

Apple iPad Pro w Pencil vs Wacom Cintiq, Samsung Galaxy Note, Wacom Companion Hybrid

Comparison between the iPad Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 is inevitable. Hardware wise, the iPad is significantly faster, more solidly built, plus the Pencil has a nice weight, length, and the tilt sensitivity allows for unique functionality. The Samsung Galaxy Note has a Silo to store the sPen, expandable storage, and the sPen is Wacom EMR, with a button on it.

Software wise Android seems to have better options for multitasking. Samsung OS has much better multi window functions, plus the google play store has several apps that offer multitask / multi-window / floating functions. Multi-tasking on ios 9 is new but somewhat limited. Spit view offer two panes that can be 50/50 or 70/30 shared in size. the smaller view can only by the right pane. Split view does not work well for me as I am right handed and I prefer the reference image to be in the smaller pane. Pip (floating window) only supports video. I used photoshop to convert several ref images to a video format, That worked much better for screen economy but is limited in size and placement.

Workflow wise, IMHO Android (and windows) is far better than iOS. Multitasking is flexible with many options, several apps offer options to bind the device hardware buttons (Volume, Home, Stylus keys..etc) to in-app functions.

With Wacom technology (and n-trig) the stylus size and location can be displayed on screen when hovering near the screen, the apple Pencil does not do this. For me this is significant as using larger brushes is difficult to judge the area the stoke will affect. Finally there is file handling. I just find it more difficult to move files on and off the iPad in comparison to other operating systems.

More to come...

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