Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 29, Wed Dec 27 at 8pm

Painted on a Surface Pro 2 with Clip Studio Paint.

Skiing in Bear Valley, could not upload sooner, internet is spotty. I took a bit more time with this one, planning the face via constructive anatomy. 

 The goal:
To find a work flow that is comfortable for me and to help get in plenty of painting practice before June 2016. I will aim for 100 consecutive studies, as it seems like a easy to remember round number. 
The Method:
To produce a study in about 30 minutes or more every day from screen grabs of movies .That is roughly my length of my train commute to work, that I have been using to practice and to produce some 2D art. 
The Rub: 

To switch each day between different digital drawing tablets to compare the tools and workflow on each. I will be using Wacom Cintiq Hybrid running Android and Clover Paint, a Surface Pro 2 running Windows 10 with Clip Paint Studio, and a Wacom Cintiq Hybrid connected to a Macbook in display mode using Clip Paint Studio or Photoshop.

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