Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Digital Painting Odyssey

A Digital Painting Odyssey

Looking for an outlet to help carry me through eventual emotional roller coster emotions, Inspired by Pricilla Kim http://www.autumnflame.com , plus advice I have heard over the years....to practice daily.

The goal:

To find a work flow that is comfortable for me and to help get in plenty of painting practice before June 2016. I will aim for 100 consecutive studies, as it seems like a easy to remember round number.

The Method:

To produce a study in about 30 minutes every day from images found, in order, found on cinematicpaintings.com.  That is roughly my length of my train commute to work, that I have been using already to practice and to produce some 2D art.

The Rub:

To switch each day between different digital drawing tablets to compare the tools and workflow on each. I will be using Wacom Cintiq Hybrid running Android and Clover Paint,  a Surface Pro 2 running Windows 10 with Clip Paint Studio, and a Wacom Cintiq Hybrid connected to a Macbook in display mode using Clip Paint Studio or Photoshop.

Day 01, Monday November 16 at 10pm.

Screen shot of the film Amelie. Yes, looking at this a day later I see many errors, but it is only the beginning. Painted in Clip Paint Studio on the Cintiq connected to my Macbook.

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